2001-04-18 01:53:38 (UTC)

bad day, really bad

in the morning, i didn't talk to that one gurl ( rachel )
who fooled around with dave over the weekend.. and the other
gurl , ( brittany) who fooled around with dave, didn't show
up @ skewl today... she was scared of me being mad @ her.
But I was afraid of dave finding out the reason that me and
rachel& brittany were fighting, cuz basically it wa s about
Anyways, then in computer class, 2nd period, rachel was in
that class agian. Casey is in that class too. And he heard
about the whole me and rachel story, adn he went up to dave
and talked to him, about it all. So casey asked me to sit
beside him, and we talked all class about dave, and Casey
said that dave knew why me and rachel & brittany were in
that huge fight. I felt so embarassed that dave knew, cuz we
were fighting about him!
anyways, @ lunch i hung around casey , cuz i was scared
basically of dave and i didn't wanna talk to rachel.
Anyways, by the end of the day everyone was asking me what
me and rachel were fighting about, and everyone was telling
me to forgive her, and i was so mad, at the whole world