writings on the wall
2002-01-20 15:49:35 (UTC)

what is right vs wrong

i was reading through Marie Claire's January issue
& came past this article featuring Michelle Pfeiffer.
there was this interesting bit, i quote: " I considered
myself fairly evolved as a human being, but i realize that
my ignorance resulted in biotry about mentally challenged
people. growing up, the only thing i was told about them
was "don't stare". so i looked away. no wonder they feel
like they don't exist."

okay, so what are we supposed to do when we see a
mentally challenged person on the street? say hi?
acceptable. ask how we can help? kind but i don't think he
needs such an act of kindness. he'll be thinking that YOU
are thinking that he's incapable of doing anything on his
own. he'll feel inferior. so instead of making him feel
better, we may just have spoilt his day for him. so what
is it about treating as our equal? what should we do?

so today i've learnt that it's rude to look away
because we are ignoring their existence but can somebody
tell me what i should do the next time i am face-to-face
with a mentally challenged person on the streets?