stella's steamy paperback novel
2002-01-20 14:42:46 (UTC)

i think i need...

some sort of pills that calm me down. i mean when i was on
the phone with Shewy (Shewy baby you are the bomb! i love
you, like a 12 oz steak.. if i loved steak!), i was
reeeeeallly tired and i wasn't making sense and it was
only 8:00. and then i did some more studying and then i
went crazy. i couldn't sleep. i was in my room listening
to the gandharvas and playing cards by myself. i called
Rosie though and we exchanged some gossip. and i was
thinking to myself... boy Stella, you've really hit rock
bottom. you've been playing cards with yourself for about
2 hours and you still haven't won.

oh gossip... so bad but so good all at the same time. i
really need to get some killer gossip and call up Joey
babe so we can have one of our gossip swaps and bitch
about people. god, Joey is so awesome!

i really wanna go see a movie today. i've been meaning to
go for a while but the whole exam thing is realy screwing
things up. i mean i know i'm going to do well on all of
them (well maybe not math...) but i feel like i'm going to
get test anxiety during them (especially math) cause i
always do. wait. no i don't. i never do. only with math,
which is my last exam and i still have lots of time to
study and blah blah blah blah.


man this book is amazing. jitterbug perfume, read it! its
great! Tom Robbins is a genious!!

so yeah, i cried yesterday while watching little women.
only a little bit, but i did cry. it just makes me so mad!
why does that little brat Amy get Lori??? i just don't get
it! why did (whoever wrote little women i can't even
remember her name.. boy is my face red) think that that
was a good idea???? i will never get used to the fact that
Jo and Lori don't get married!!!!!

ahh.. my rant of the entry.

have you ever wondered, "how would my life change if my
name started with an X?" i mean, it definatly wouldn't be
the same as if it started with say.. a 'U'. i mean really!
people would treat you differently, i'm sure of it. when
they'd greet you, you wouldn't think of it but they sur
would be. they'd be like "hi!" (hey.. her name starts with
an x. whoa.) everytime i swear!!! well at least i would.
but maybe thats just me, but i don't think so.

its a big deal, having a name that starts with an 'x'.

well, thats all for now. i think i've let out a bit of my

"i'm tired. sleep now"

(i'm crying for old radiohead, but all i can quote is the
new stuff! cloud fucking cuckoo land! lobster skin
shopping mall!!!!)

peace love and plenty of dinosaurs for all except little
brother Thom (i do still love you dear)

xoxo love stella