De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2002-01-20 12:59:07 (UTC)

Good and Bad TV

Sunday 20/01/02

Yet another day of keepin a low profile...some good news on
money matters though...i should be expecting some cash to
tide me over soon....phew....

went to the library shortly after lunch...and bumped into
david there..he was bored stiff at home and went down to do
some good ol' readin : P ..anyway, i wanted to borrow more
reference books for my job... abit too much, i know..but i
really wanna do a good job..the internship did not come by
easy... so i'll make the best of it... but still, the
skills to learn are heaps more than i hopefully
i will not disappoint...

watched TV for most of the evenin..saw some crap show like
the kiwi version of the Weakest Link...god, it's so
corny!!! what's with the attitude?? silly game show..i only
sat through it just to fully experience the horrible game
show... gimme wheel of fortune anytime...

saw God and Monsters later at night though..good movie..
felt really sorry for the gay character...ian mckellen
acted superbly once again...i thought he was really
excellent in Lord of the Rings too... great stuff... it was
a really sentimental movie about a gay movie director's
last days and his "friendship" with his gardener, acted by
Brendan Fraser...

public holiday tomorrow, so more readin and practisin

fast becomin a TV addict

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