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2002-01-20 12:39:10 (UTC)

A conversation between me and S*

Here is a conversation between me and S*, just so you
can see with you`re own eyes thet something is terible
wrong between us...

Me: Good morning!
Him:Yes hello
Me:Did you party last night?
Him:Have stoped drinking. at least for some months...
Him: Beacuse
Me:You just suddenlty started to want that?
Him: no
Me: jeje, you could go out and have fun still, you dont
have to stop just because you have stoped drinking.
Him:Im not to sure about that
Me:have you had the rest of you`re exams now?
Him: are gonnna have them this week
Me:well, good luck then!
Me:what are you gonna do when you`re not gonna go out to
party or drink then?
Him:relax/watch tv/movies
Me: you`re gonna get tired of thet afther a while
Him: naah
Him: we`ll see about that
Me: dossent really sound like you...
Him: no,its not me, its a bet
Him: But the other one has allredy looesd, so Im the only
one left now...
Me: so what do you win?
Him:honor and respect
Him: and good selfrestime...
Me:thats good to have
Me: how long have you been doing this then?
Him: since new year`s
Me: well, good luck then, I have to go now
Me: are supose to go bowling
Me: bye!