the joys of being dani
2002-01-20 08:26:10 (UTC)

i poured my heart out and you felt it like you always do...

i understand you, you understand me
i love you, you love me
youre perfect and i think if we got the chance we could be
great together


after talkin to you the other nite

i realized that most of the reason i love you is because of
memories...perfect memories...and in talking to you i
always guess i just want them to come back and be real and
be now but i KNOW that was the doesnt mean youre
any less of a great person, it just means that what we had
was in the past and there will be no recreating of
that....i need to pick up the pace, pick up the pieces and
move on...walk away from the past, let go of the past

after talking to you the other nite, as lovely as it was to
rekindle friendship, it helped me realize that i love you
but im in love with the past...not you anymore...

and now i feel great

i feel like a burden has been lifted.

i feel like i can say i love you to someone else and MEAN
it now

i called josh (not to insinuate that i love him just cause
he came to mind just now) and it felt the best its felt
hearing his voice since we last talked...

i dont feel the NEED to hold on

i dont feel the 'maybes' i used to feel so strongly


i feel great

aside from that damn thing im worried about phsyically, but
i'll go to the gyno and check it out