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2002-01-20 07:12:59 (UTC)


What a weekend!

Friday: Didn't do much during the day, I didn't even
work! I went to see my lil cousins and made $5 doing a
psy. experiment. Then Janet and I headed down to E.
Lansing for Mary's birthday bash. That was an interesting
evening way too much happened to even write about it. So
we'll just leave it at that. Although I might add that I
found that a certain someone was reading this and lieing to
me about it. . WHATEVER. . silly person!!!

Saturday: I chilled with Mary and roomies for a while then
i went out to eat with my familia at the Outback, took
FOREVER. Then I headed back up to E. Lansing with Pat.
Immediatly following arrival I headed to Farwell with
Elizabeth to watch *8* lil kiddies while their parents were
out. It was fun times, I got to talk to Elizabeth and that
was SUPER nice. I felt really bad though because I kind of
ditched Ashley, Forgive me baby. I'll make it up to you:)
Love you baby doll! After that I came home and chilled for
a lil while, now I'm off to bed:)

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