thouhgts of Sam
2002-01-20 06:37:05 (UTC)

Here I am, come and get me.....

Well I'm here now. I'm at home and I'm in front of the
computer. It kind of sucks I need to go to bed but I'm not
really ready to go. I dont really want to go to work
tomorrow but I have to. I wish I didnt have to work at all
on the weekends. It used to be ok, cause it was something
to do but now I have found something more interesting to
do. And I feel like work is sort of a hasle now more than
anything. I really need the money but I no longer want to
be there. It kind of sucks I want to stay at home more but
when I'm here I feel like I NEED to leave and go somewhere
else. But I dont know where to go. It kind of sucks here
I guess cause I get bored so easy here. I dont really know
what I miss anymore. I dont know what I am saying I am
getting kind of sleepy and cranky I need some sleep. So I
guess now I have decided I am going to bed now so I will
end it.
_Damn Samn

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