2001-04-17 22:38:15 (UTC)

Yeah the Chateau taught me a..

Yeah the Chateau taught me a loty of things, To be patient
to perservier. amonga lot of things, and boy! did I need
that when I got back to Hillcrest.

I returned there on the request that I remained an
instructor apart from the days that Christina had her days
off. Then I would be the cook for the day.

Well the story with Leanne was that when I was away she was
getting lonely and she was seeing other guys. (Which I
don't really blame her) It just seemed annoying at the time
that she would not tell me when I was at the Chateau and so
at least could have put me out of my misery (actually I was
worried more than miserable)

It was also guttless on her behalf because I found out from
other friends. What the situation was,

Well I just took it as a pinch of salt because all my
friends were still there and it made a lot more sense to
stay friendly than to mope about a girl I was only seeing
for 2 weeks.

I was getting on really well with the instructors I saw
Rachel, Layla and Tom again and I felt like on of them.

It was cool getting all the kids wound up for the challenge
courses and Archery. I really enjoyed it, It was then when
I met Katy (or Bubbles), she was a new instructor on the
scene. I was on a break from the challege course when I saw
her on the archery field. She was teaching the kids and
they were giving her a torrid time. So I decided to help
her. I did not really know her but I thought as a fellow
staff member I should give it a go.

It went really well. The kids were loving it with me and
her playing the fools. I thought it was quite entertaining

After the session she thanked me for the help and I told
her not to mention it and that was that.

I saw her a few times throughout the 3 weeks I was at
Hillcrest, When I was not the cook, I would usually be down
the DUB which was the local water facility and it would be
there I would teach conoeing and quad bikling.

I think it was the last 4 days before I was to leave to go
back to London to work before Uni.

I was at a local karaoke bar in Ross, when Katy came up to
me and asked whether I would like to have a drink, becasue
she said she hasn't really had a chance to talk to me, I
agreed and we sat there at the bar and talked for ages,

I remember getting pulled off my chair by Animal and asked
to sing "stand by me"with him. I really had no choice he
was strangling me up there. Katy looked a bit bemused but
she just stared at us. I actually dedicated the song to her
for all those drinks.....

Later that night I thanked her for a really cooll night and
we ended up kissing and cuddling, but that was all that

then the 2 days before I left, It was Alans birthday and so
we went out. And this time Leanne was getting a bit too
close for comfort,. I really wasn't in the mood so I told
her to get away. But she was just following me everywhere,
so I was about to leave, when Katy came and told me that
she wanted to leave as well. Well I thought this was nice
but I wanted to still stay out, So me and Katy decided to
go out to a local club just down the street, I told rachael
and layla they said they will tell everyone else. and so me
and katy left.

At the club it wasn't really packed but it was buzzing, a
really nice vibe was felt in there, Soon enough the other
arrived and we just clubbed the night away,

It was time to go home and we all grabbed taxis home, Katy
and I were the last to leave, I offered her my coat because
she was feeling cold.

Back at the center, I asked for my coat back but she ran
off to her tent and told me to get it back off her, so I
chased her..