Procrastination is Key
2002-01-20 05:31:40 (UTC)

Awesome week ahead!

A few days ago I was thinking how ready I was for the
weekend to arrive and then I got to pondering the upcoming
week and one by one I thought of all the great stuff that
is going on and got extremely excited! Let me share- First
of all it is a shortened school week b/c of the MLK bday
holiday so not only are there only 4 days of classes but I
also don't have my bio recitation on wed or my chem lab on
thursday- YES! Then there are the 3 days in a row that I
get to see my sweet boy;-) Monday we are just gonna hang
out and watch one of my all time fave movies- Shakespeare
in Love- tue.. not sure what we will be doing, but he is
going to be bringing me a homemade pecan pie with him-
score! Wed he is coming for the State game- I really wish
we would kick some ass, but as much as I love my bball
boys, I don't think its gonna happen:( So then I just have
to get through Thur and come friday I am going to visit my
bestest friend Kat down in Buies Creek! I'm ready to view
her little world down there at Campbell, Saturday will be a
little more visitation with Kat but then its on to Raleigh
to see Michael again! So WOW I hope that by sunday I will
be able to calm down some and actually do some school work!
ok- that is all for now- must go to bed and get some rest
b/f the big week ahead!:-)