A Trip Into My Life
2001-04-17 22:09:02 (UTC)

This little, boring town.

Hi there. I decided to make my diary public so that you
would think you were watching another episode of *The Real
World.* My life is so messed up that it would take a
complete turn around to fix it. Hold on tight and ejoy the
trip into my life.

My name is Aaliyah, and I just moved into this totally
boring town about a month ago. If it weren't for my parents
I would still be in Virginia, but they got some wacked idea
that they want to grow old here in boring-ville. *Haha*
There is a bright side to all of this....I've made a few
friends, and I got a job at Sonic. (America's Favorite
Drive-In) I mean, it's an okay job and all, but I hope
somebody else calls me to come and work for them because I
dunno how much longer I can handle this fast food thing.

I miss Virginia so bad that I can't even stand to think
about it. Everyone and everything I care about is there,
and here I am 98 miles away. I mean of course it's not that
far away. An hour and a half isn't the end of the world,
but until I pass my drivers test and get my drivers....I am
stuck here for a while.

Speaking of driving....I should be going to driving school
in about 2 weeks. (Oh JOY!) If I can get through that, I am
sure my drivers will be in my hand not long after.

It's great not to be in school though. Most peeps cannot
fatham that I am 16 and I've already graduated. It's not
big deal because I just doubled up my school years doing
the summer and finished in half the time. It's not like I
am smart or anything.

I won't be out of school for long though because I am going
to college next spring. I'll be there 2 years taking
Criminal Justice Technology. I wanna be a counselor for
troubled teens. I still dunno why because I am pretty
messed up myself, but I guess it's because I can understand
why they do what they do. (Maybe.)

If I don't write for a couple of days, it is just because I
got busy. Catch ya laterz!