Something like life
2002-01-20 04:59:18 (UTC)

Facial scarring

I don't think the dog meant to bite my nose, I really
don't. I was just playing with him, and he jumped up and
sorta barked, and his jaws closed on the end of my nose. I
think Zeppelin was as surprised as I was when I started
bleeding all over the place.

Just a note, to anyone who's wondering: the local
anisthetic they use for suturing tastes really nasty when
it runs down the back of your throat. And the suturing
itself doesn't hurt much, but getting a hypodermic needle
filled with anisthetic stuck into your nose in five
different places does. The most challenging part was not

It's /going/ to leave a scar. Just have to wait and see how
bad... get the stitches out Tuesday. They gave me a tetanus
shot, and I'm on Augmentin, the most expensive antibiotic
on the market. I feel so decadent... really.

Well, just thought I'd write about my very first experience
with having a body part sewn back together. I call it a "character-
building" injury... well, it will certainly add character to my
lovely face.

May the Force be with you till I heal up.

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