The jerk files
2002-01-20 04:30:13 (UTC)

I'm Dead.....Saturday is a tired day

Well, today is Saturday the 19th. I am still not in
school but i have been working in San Francisco for the
last week. I tell you what, I am dead tired of it all. I
know the pay is good but it isn't good enough to tell me
that i am not working myself to death. I have to get up at
4:30 every morning and i don't even start work until 9am.
Then i don't get home until about 6pm or so. Then most of
the time i have prayer at night or night school. So i get
about 5 hours of sleep a night. It's rough.
Let me tell you what i do at work. The first two days
we were packing up things around this printing warehouse
that the front door burned when someone lit a christmas
tree on fire right out front. muahaha. Basically it's like
we are packing up someone who is moving out of their house.
Then we started cleaning. We first put on these backpacks
that are vacuums. We starting vacuuming the walls and
cieling. (it's a three story high building) So we get up
on ladders and scaffolds to do this. (I am deathly afraid
of heights so this was quite the challenge) Anyways, i
thought that i was sure to die about 5 or 6 times this
week. THEN, week we are going to get scissor lifts
and finish the cieling. Which is going to be the highest i
have been yet. Pray for me. I already got scolded from two
people i love dearly about not having a safety harness on.
I swear i will never go again without one. (i wouldn't want
to get them mad)
So, i have been soo tired this week as you can see. I
hope i can get rested up really good because next week not
only do i have work, but i have recording in the studio at
night...and it's LATE night. So,...yeah.

tired but still tugging my ear,