Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2002-01-20 04:12:30 (UTC)


umm dont know what to say.. Thurs. was Sean's bday and the
poor boy is in Korea-- I love ya Sean!!! even though we've
had our hard times (ok so thats an understatement.. lol) ur
still like a big bro too me! hehe.. I miss the good ole'
days of leaf fights on Halloween, and pillow fights, and
playing the South Park Turkey game (and Paulette being mad
b/c I was home alone w/ u-- lol-- now that was funny!!
haha) and ur Columbus Day party, and skating rink weekends
and Jack Frost.. lol.. so much more-- I love ya Sean! u'll
always be my big bro!! Friday was Bobs.. I sent him a card
and I guess his dad was all excited and he said he was
too! :) yay!! go me! hehe.. anyways.. umm.. Tuesday Ryan is
coming to see me (if all goes well) and Im gonna have a
buncha friends over to watch a movie and have pizza or
something like that.. Im not quite sure yet-- so if u want--
stop over Tuesday! :) hehe.. umm what else to say.. Maggie
and Michelle and Paulette and Mike all came over tonight..
Mike and dad watched football and us females played games..
it was soooo fun! hehe.. had a great time.. well thats it..