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2002-01-20 02:43:35 (UTC)


so today was DREAM....I thought it was going to suck my ass
prett hard core, but it was actually REALLY fun! We did a
lot of screaming and cheering, and had a lot of fun...and I
went to a really amazing motivational speaking session...I
feel pretty damn motivated. And I learned how to relax so
I can get a better nights rest(we made really cool bags
filled with rice that you stick in the micro, stickem
around your neck, and the stress just melts away,I have it
on right now) But yeah, the day was actually cool! But
now I'm just sitting, for the second night in a row. I was
supossed to be hanging out with a friend, but I'm
not...whatever! Maybe if Tarynn wants to go to that party,
we'll go...who knows...the outlook doesnt look good...maybe
I'll go to the SAC, or maybe I'll just sit here and take
advantage of the quiet and study, thats probably a WAY
better idea!! Anyways, it seems like a lot of people are
having issues or something, because there has been a lot of
bitchiness going around, and I hate it when others bring me
down and are complete asses to me! I'm glad I had the room
to myself this's been nice. Oh and another
strange things happened today...I was looking for my shoes
and I couldnt find them anywhere...I wore them on Thursday,
and now, I cant find them anywhere...Where they hell are
they!??! I wanted to wear them today! but anyways....hope
your weekend was better than mine...