my life (as told by me)
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2002-01-20 02:39:00 (UTC)

travel and randomness

hm, today is the 19th of something or other....or i think it
is......i'll never fully know, cuz i'm so confused on my
days half the time. but, it's all good. just remember that.
;) hm, last nite i was at brittany's house. can we say
randomness?!?! lol. and today i woke up in a really bad mood
cuz i didnt get enough sleep. but i guess i'm awake now,
even though i'm sitting here being bored. i'm at my cousin's
house at the moment, and they just got busted for nothing
pretty much. but still, it seems that every time we come out
here, they get in least tm, me and my aunt and
my mom are going to the mall w/out the boys. that will be so
nice. definite quite time. but it just got really quite
after they all got yelled at. lol. at least i can think
again w/out having to start screaming at them to be quite.
nice, eh? well next week is my bio and math i
get tuesday and friday off...meaning 4 day weekend this
weekend and 3 day weekend next weekend. and beth's birthday
is on monday, so i have to get her gift tomorrow...and i
have to get a new calculator so i can take the math midterm.
god that sucks. i'm afraid i'm gonna fail it, and i'd rather
not fail the midterm. that would be awful! :( wish me
luck......anyways, i should go read or something...or go do
nothing...or get harrassed, which i have been all day. lol.
i'm wearing red and standing in front of a bull i