Little Bird

Private Babbling
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2001-04-17 21:12:55 (UTC)

i actually have alot to say..

i actually have alot to say today but my hand & back are
hurting so you'll have to suffer with one of
my 'stories'....

'You shouldn't kiss me like this, if you don't mean it like
that...' The music echoes through my head as I drive home,
thinking of our dance earlier. I keep catching myself
thinking of you when I am away from the club but the
thoughts are dismissed by reality when I remember how many
times I have given you my number and you didn't call. Like
a drunken fool I think I even told you where the key to my
house was one night. I am either helplessly in love with
you or incredibly stupid.

You woke me up, your lips pressed against my ear. I was
looking out at the fresh laid snow before I fell asleep,
half waiting for you on the bench in front of the picture
window. Your lips were cold, wet, sweet. In the haze of my
dream, your voice was heaven.
‘Do you love me?’ An innocent but serious look moved across
your face. This was a strange question considering it was
the first time you really talked to me aside from the brief
meetings we had at the club.
‘MMmmMm’, I couldn’t find my voice so I pressed into you.
Having you here with me is wonderful. You intoxicate me. I
knew the first time I saw you that I had to have you, alone.
Images dance in the back of my mind. There are many things
I want to say to you, to show you but I’m afraid you will
reject me. I choke back the words and tears that ache to
flow and for now we kiss. I'm grateful you have finally
come to me.

Your hands are quickly warmed as they travel up my sleep-
warmed shirt. The combination of chill and excitement of
your touch wakes my nipples. My back arches as your lips
move down my neck, stopping to breathe deeply into my hair.
God, your breath tickles. A soft moan escapes my parted
My right hand cradles your head, fingers pressing into you,
urging your lips to press harder against me. My left hand
has found it’s way into your shirt. Reading your face, I
would guess that you are a little shocked at how aggressive
I am being with you.

On the outside, at times, I may seem cold and standoffish
but once you have my trust, you own my heart and there is
nothing I wont do for you. I bet the night you met me you
had your doubts. You may have forgotten me at 'G'nite'
even...despite the fact that you have not escaped my
thoughts once. There have been times in the past few days
when I considered going to a shrink to get you out of my
mind. This secret obsession I have with you can't be

We move onto the floor and I wonder what you’re thinking as
my tongue gently probes your ear. I can't help but notice
the way your eyes sparkle as they follow the movements of
my fingers on the buttons of your shirt. I love the way you
feel under my hand. You’re so warm...your heart is beating
strong enough for me to feel the vibrations in my palm. If
you are having second thoughts about being here I can't
'I need this, Justin, I need you. I need the raw emotion my
heart feels for you. Let me love you.' My whispered breath
raises the hair on your arms. Your arm is trapped between
our bodies but I feel your hand struggle to cup my mound.
As your fingers stroke my already wet cunt through
skintight jeans my hips rock against your hand. My left
hand lightly scratches circles into your chest, digging in
when you touch my button. I can't stand it anymore. I press
into you one last time and then push you away.
Within a blink, I am undressed under the quilt, pressed
against you, trapped in a bubble of heat and your touch
adds fuel to the fire inside me. My happiness is so intense
that I am quivering. I can't believe you are here with me.
Playfully, I tug at your shirt and you oblige me by
slipping out of it as I roll you onto your stomach.
A knot of wood makes a popping noise on the dimly lit fire
a few feet away making me jump a little bit. I am half-
afraid that I will open my eyes and find myself alone but
your heat and your scent reassure me. The muscles of your
back are highlighted beautifully by the firelight. I can't
resist running my fingertips over each ripple. Starting
between your shoulder blades, with both hands, I trace a
heart on your back. With each pass my fingers press deeper
then turn into tight swirls that cover your entire back.
'Are you glad you came by tonight?' I lean into your ear
and ask.
'Baby, why did I wait so long?' your voice is garbled into
the pillow. My eyes start to water as I ask myself the same
thing. A single tear slides down my cheek and splashes onto
your back. Feeling that and noticing a shift in the air,
you turn over. You try to look into my eyes but they are
closed tightly against your gaze. I'm sure I won’t stop
crying if I look at you and I don't want you to take it the
wrong way.
'I didn't come because I feel sorry for you. I came because
they didn't deserve you. I want to know what it takes to
have you, to keep you.' Your arms pull me in and I feel
like you will never let me go. Overcome with emotion I fall
asleep in your arms.

Through the night I feel you playing with my hair, rubbing
my cheek, cupping my breasts, but it isn't until just
before the sun peeks into the window and you are sound
asleep that I turn you onto your back and wake you with my
I couldn't help but notice that sometime during the night
you slipped out of what clothes were keeping you from me.
Since this is the first time I laid with you I didn't want
to disrespect you by letting my eyes linger too long so I
laid on top of you, full length, nuzzling your neck and
letting my lips work their way down your chest. I feet a
little awkward because I wanted so bad to be your pony and
let you train me how to touch you but the womanly instinct
was too strong. I need you now.
My tongue swirls around one nipple and then the other as my
hand glides up and down your side, your leg, your chest. I
can tell you are half-awake and by the feel of your cock
pushing against my leg, you are enjoying my lips. I'm glad
your not letting yourself wake up. I kind of like it when
your quiet but I am still wondering if I should continue.
Slowly my mouth slides down to your bellybutton. If you
opened your eyes right now you would see my bright green-
hazel eyes looking into your face intently, waiting for any
sign of approval. I can't tell if you are fully awake yet
but I know you are holding your breath because your body is
completely still. When my knee goes between yours your legs
part slightly and my lips get a better position on your
sensitive stomach. My favorite part of your body is that
ticklish part right around your hip bone and I can't wait
to stroke you there with my tongue, long and hard while my
breasts wrap around your fully erect cock.
'Justin,' I moan 'are you awake?'
'Yes pet, I'm awake.' Your voice is strained as you answer.
When I hear you use a master's word my heart jumps. I'm
surprised you remembered and it makes me proud.
I feel your hands in my hair and my cunt starts to moisten
and twitch knowingly. Your hands gently guide me to the
spots on your stomach that you need to feel my lips. I'm
getting impatient, I have the urge to feel you inside me
but I know it's still too soon. I can tell you are going to
be a good trainer for me because no matter how hard I blow
or how much I wiggle under you, you wont let me have your
cock until you are ready and you know I need it.

You pull me back up to your mouth to take your morning
kiss. Your fingers dig into the inner flesh of my thighs,
spreading them wide across your chest. My swollen clit rubs
against you as you move my hips in rhythm to our kiss and I
almost explode. All of my energy is wrapped up in trying to
read your mind, figure out what you will do next.
Slowly, I feel myself being pushed down your body. My head
echoes with hope that you will not let your cock touch my
swollen lips.
'Do you want it inside now?' It's as if you have taken a
hard grip on your own reigns now.
'Justin, I...' Oh, so close now.
'Answer me pet.' you growl in my ear. My head jerks back
and I wiggle in your grip.
With my heart racing I answer you 'Yes, I need you now.'
'I'm going to put the head in, let it spread you and don't
move. If you move, I will stop!' Before you could finish my
teeth went into your chest, hard. It was all I could do to
keep myself from slamming down on you.
I could feel you, completely, as you entered me. Neither of
us moved. It just happened. As your cock slid into my cunt
your hands tangled into my hair, holding me tight into your
chest. My muffled screams entwined with your moans. When
you were completely inside me, my hips moved in a hard,
deep circle pressing you into my back wall. A slight
feeling of panic flashed across my face when I realized I
moved without permission but I could tell that you enjoyed
it to much to punish me.
'I want you to ride me facing away Pony. Turn around.' My
cunt sucked you as you moved me off of you. I directed your
willing member back in and slowly lowered myself into
My hands were warm against your swollen balls as you
started to pump and move under me. One of your hands is
wrapped in my hair, the other is squeezing my ass. I can
tell you are really enjoying thinking of what you are going
to do next because in between moans I hear a very low
chuckle. Once I stopped moving on you because I didn't
understand why you were laughing and you swatted my ass
pretty hard. Maybe you were just testing me, to see if I
really do get wetter with every spank or maybe you are
really getting into the role of my trainer. I will have to
find out soon.
I pull you in deep so I can rub your balls against my clit
and you sit up a little bit. I feel your cock twitching
inside and I know I need to be careful or you will cum
before you want to...then I get the signal to get on all
four, I know it wont be long now.
I start out with my face all the way down on the pillows
but I can tell you want something to grab onto so I get up
so you can pinch my nipples or just hold me tight so you
can slam into me. I am so close to cumming, all I feel are
your hands all over me. A couple more spanks on my ass and
I am shuddering with the first signs of orgasm. My cumming
noise starts and that's when you know that you truly have
free reign.
My hand is on your cock each time it escapes my dripping
cunt. Touching our union makes me so hot, I can't stand it.
When you start biting my neck and back I buck wildly in
front of you, almost collapsing. We switch positions again;
this time you are on top so I can wrap my legs around you
and look into your eyes in the final stages of our orgasm.

'Justin, did you want to apply for that position now?' I
ask laughing as I drift off to sleep.

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