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2002-01-20 02:06:11 (UTC)

i didnt stop. during all of it...

i didnt stop. during all of it. all of it even when she was
so mean to me.
but she has now.
and theres nothing either one of us can do about it.
i just thought that she was going to be okay.
i thought that everything would be okay and i was wrong.
because i kept hope alive, and she lost hers.
maybe shell find it again and realize that what we have is
a good thing.
or maybe not. but either way
im not crying. because i cant let myself do that.
im in love with her.
and...sometimes i guess thats just not good enough.
we could work it all out and i know it.
but, not without her having hope that we could.
so things will work themselves out one way or another.
and either way, ill be okay.
because love is a good thing. not bad. no matter what the
and ill always love her.

so much love you know.
so much.