The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-01-20 02:05:13 (UTC)


Blah really is a muti purpose word. My room mate and I can
have entire convos using it. It can mean anything from 'Im
bored', 'I cant sleep', 'Get me out of this stupid place'
etc :)

"...And turining your back on me wont leave me weak or
unprepared..." -Matt Caplan - Broken

Okay, see that is a great quote, and something that relates
to my life at the moment. I am going through a tough time
in my life, and those friends who are going to turn their
back on me in the next few weeks - arent going to hurt me.
Im not letting anything bother me this semester. If someone
pisses me off, I will tell them. If someone hurts me, I
will tell them. If someone makes me want to punch them, I
will punch them :)

I have to choreograph dances this semester, and I do think
that I will be good at it, but one is love themed. What do
I know about love? Now, if its romantic love, I know
nothing. I may use a maternal love, like mother and child,
I knowt that... but its just not my bag... :)

I realized that I havent written much lately... but I will
write more cos....


Hopefully they didnt screw it up again!

Well thats it for now...

Lots of Love to those who read this!

(PS gimme some feedback!)