can't fight the moonlight...
2002-01-20 01:57:26 (UTC)


that's me right about now. totally over whelmed for
midterms, which even though i have two days left i'm not
prepared. headache. sardou is pissing me off. tired... got
three new books today, that was nice. haircut, but i don't
really like it, i need it to grow out. oh well, its long
enough i can still wear it up. i'm about ready to blow up
this whole freaking town, i just want OUT! i ran in lauren
selmen the other day, lucky bitch off in NY (well, on
winter vacation)i can't wait for college...get out of this
hell hole.
lindas having a party tomorrow night. prolly won't know
many people there, but should be fun. damn boyfriend
preventing me from scoping out guys. well, sorta. i have no
scruples, i'll look. have to deal w/ elisa (lin's mom)
Freaking sucks. semi next saturday--no date and no dress.
i'm going again...why? nah, it'll be fun. maybe me and
sarah will go w/ oneal, thatd be funny.
alright, done bitching i guess.