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2002-01-20 01:25:17 (UTC)

saturday snow

well today was saturday. i woke up at like 10:30am..i woke
up ate some breakfast..took a nice long shower..
(hahaha)..then went downstairs and watched some tv..then
about an hour later its started snowing!!! yay!!!!..i love
snow..haha..then i went up stairs on the net..it was boing
bc again no one was talking to me..haha..then my dad yelled
at me to get off the net bc im always on it..haha..so then
i went outside to play in the snow..it was gay bc i had no
one to play with :( :( :(.....i was all alone..haha..at
about 4ish i went back on the net..haha..my dad was
sleeping so he could not yell at me!! haha!...i dl/ed some
music and talked to some people...today i never left the
house..cept to walk down and get a soda...but other than
that i was home all freaking day..it was sooo boring..so
there isnt really anything to write about..so i think im
gonna get going..byes...

CRUSH NEWS: nah not today..haha..boys are stupid...

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