Life without a Script
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2002-01-20 00:41:09 (UTC)

Things of New

Well I just got back form a trianingh trip for Rogers in
Moncton. All and all it was boring. I did get to go with
this hot chick named Vicki. She is a girl around 21 and
she is seeing this guy named mike for the last 6 years
and is soon to marry her. Well anyway to make a long
story short there was one nigtht were there was a whole
lot of touching and rubbing going on and frankle I was
quite aroused by the whole event. Any way I hit on her
alot and I am pretty sure she finds me attractive but the
last thing I was to do is fuck up her wedding. Well that
is a lie I do want her to dump him and hang with me but I
don't know how well that will work. Well anyway I gotta
unpack I will write more later.

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