My wacky life!
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2002-01-20 00:30:40 (UTC)

This is Me!

I have no idea if anyone reads this or cares about my life,
but anyways...

I'm 16 and I can drive!
I love music and I love to listen to it all the time! I
love the bands Train, DMB, Oasis, Nine Days...anything I
hear on the radio I like I will listen to it over and over

I also love the computer! I talk online to my friends at
least 3 hours a day just chatting about random stuff and
good times. I love the Internet, I'm such a junkie!

I love movies and tv! I have tons of shows I love such as
Fraiser, Friends, Ed, Boston Public...For movies it has to
be a 80's classic or romance such as Pretty in Pink, 16
Candles, Say Anything, The Breakfast Club, Top Gun. I love
90's movies too such as A Beautiful mind, Speed, Ocean's
11, Out of Sight....

I love celebrities! Oh man especially guys! I love John
Cusack and I like Keanu Reeeves. But the guy that I think
is the absoulute hottest is GEORGE CLOONEY! Oh man, he's
got everything and I can't stop obsessing about him!

Oh yeah!

Well that's about it! More later!

~Em J

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