victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
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2002-01-20 00:02:16 (UTC)

time flies

time ticks by so often tends to fly
before we know it we say hey remember
back in the day what we got are good
times out to the nines eight seven six
five feel pain to know you're alive four
three two one before you know it the
living is done coffin too small to hold the
mem'ries gotta fly like the time that took
your life and heals all wounds if it heals
all wounds, shouldn't we be bouncing
outta our casket in no time everything
but death see your breath in the cold air
warm in the care of a true friend who
calls for no reason at alls 'cept to talk
about nothing and loving every minute of
it a kiss goodbye in the abyss of sky
gotta get high to touch the sun take your
bows off our stage bodies are a cage of the
mind one of a kind read between the lines
in the Book of Life bolts from above come down
like blades of a knife but sewn up again a
blend of colors that don't run they fly like
the time that's passing us by