question marked innocense
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2002-01-19 23:44:13 (UTC)

~*~*~*~*~ToDaY & YeStErDaY~*~*~*~*~

So yah the last todays haven't actually been that bad which
is pretty amazing in my book's. See last night Ashlie came
over after school and we ended up going to tim hortons with
Jordan. It was alot of fun minus the fact that it was
fucking freezing cold out side. After we went to tim's we
went back to Jordans so he could get some money so he could
buy he's coke and dill pickle chips (thats all he really
eats). Then we traveled back to Jordans were we hung out
for the reminder of the night. It was pretty kewl, Jordans
room kicks ass, he has all these street signs that him and
hes friends have stolen. Its kewl.
O.K. today I went over to Jordans again cuz last night he
had given me some resse's pieces (mmm yummy) and I forgot
so I went over today and we hung out all day. It was alot
of fun, we played some weird old school super nintendo game
called SUPER TENNISE it is a really weird came and he
kicked my ass but it was kewl.
O.K. now the shitty thing, see I kinda really like ***** ok
I really really like ****** and yah there are more then one
problems with this. Number 1 being that I have a b/f and
even though I know he'll never feel for me half of what I
feel for him I still really care about him and I dont want
to hurt him . Number 2 is ****** has a major thing for him
to, and apperantly she liked Devon and I never knew it and
she was pretty mad. Number 3 reason I also have a major
thing for ****** and I know nothing will probably ever come
out of that but ever sience the other week me and him have
been really close. And as much as I like ****** I dont
think I could ever hook up with him cuz it would hurt like
way to many people.
Well g2g
later daze

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