victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
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2002-01-19 23:28:28 (UTC)


such puritanical zeal to conceal
their own faults taken from a
meal that unhealed the mind
no need to feel the blame, so
they said just lay down the
finger, hand and the head and
all will mend close your eyes
and you will see all that is
before you and me and them
silence on the hem of the
lips of the condemned turn
your head away and nothing
will mend do you have a
soul to lend? in the bend
of the road, a hand will load
more burden to back and you
just can't hack it so you fall
down and weep at the promises
you can't keep as you scream
at the sky "why oh why me?"
do you not believe in the spirit
of an old soul to bring two people
one as a whole do you (not) believe