Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2002-01-19 22:17:18 (UTC)

finally done, doubt it

Still getting down with oldies,added some del shannon
and of course some Al green.
Shits all good wood, Went out got smashed last night.
And its done the blondie thing.Went and met her and some
drama queen, who Im actully quite fond of. Bitch spun my
head though, Oh yeah let me give a shout out to all the
mother fuckers living in Co Co county.
Thats where this ones from and we could totally kick it and
get into some good trouble me and her. She thinks Im some
square. Fuck told her I was in prision. So that lead to the
enevitable me telling the blonde one before she opened her
mouth. I wasnt really heppy with her yesterday shes so much
more than she gives me. So god damm indiffrent to everything
but fucking boring me you know the story. So we talked
though and I told her whats up I wanted to be rude but
wasnt you know what it is her storys a heart breaker and
watching her hurts people I think. Thats the feeling I got
from her girl. Oh and you know she cries alone.
I dont kick it with her because I feel bad for her dont
get that impression I like this girl and she makes me happy
happyer then any of these other fucks. Spent some time with
the little divias yesterday. Ouch those girls are heart
breakers. Ledgends in there own mind and the people just
feed there egos all day. In some weird twist of fate though
the think Im better than they are they just spend there
time trying to figure me out. Ha fuckem.
Even though there lifes bore me. There fun there funny is
what it is one of those some times Im laughing with them
some times at them. Either way it good times.

Heres the thought mabe Im indifferent too. Actuuly I know I
am its just about different things thats all.

Heres the punch line though, I told her she could chase me
from now on. Im done with it. Oh yeah she call today
what more could a mother fucker ask for. Oh flowers huh
thats what were shooting for she better bring me some