Kittys thoughts
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2002-01-19 22:09:17 (UTC)

Stuff that I have remembered

Well here is more stuff that I have remembered...Today(1-19-
02)David came home because the shower flooded the bath
room,he started saying that it was my moms fault that it
had flooded saying that if she hadnt paid the rent that he
would have made the owners fix the septic tank.Its not her
fault that she wants the kids to have a place to live.Then
after he cleaned up the floor he poured bleach all over the
floor not thinking that Cassie only uses that
bathroom.Since she is pregnant she can't smell the fumes
because its bad for the babys health.Today I was thinking
back on stuff that I had already written down in this
diary,And I remembered a few times when David would get mad
at Ashley and start yelling at her, then I would walk out
of my room, then Ashley would run up to me screaming asking
me to protect her so that he wouldnt hit her,so I would
stand her behind me and tell him that I wasnt going to let
him hit her then he would tel me that I couldnt tell him
not to hit his own kid.I stood there with her behind me
till he walked away then I made her stay with me for the
rest of the day because I was scared that he would try to
hurt her.