Robbie M.

Rob's thoughts
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2002-01-19 22:03:11 (UTC)


Fuck i just hurt the hell out of my hand cuz my
grilfriend's ex decided to say I don't trust her so i hit
my table. Man what the hell is wrong with me??? I love my
girlfriend with all my heart and my soul. And yet she ask
me to come see her tomorrow just for a couple of minutes
and i don't want to. The reason is cuz i know that is i go
see her then I wont want to leave. And i am all sad and it
make no sence. See last night we got to spend time alone
together and we haven't been able to do that in a long time
and we enjoyed it. But I am not happy today cuz i wont be
able to see her today and tomorrow I might but only for
about couple of minutes and that kills me. See she looks at
it like this, "it is two minutes i get to see you" I look
at it like this "Yeah it is only two minutes i get to see
you" I hate having to leave her when I get to see her. See
I am also very happy for her cuz she got a job. Which is
great cuz her having a job means she can get out of the
house. But i hate it cuz i can't see or talk to her as
much. Is it wrong for me to want to spend so much time with
her or talk to her. I think it might be cuz i might just be
making where she wont want to spend so much time with me.
It is like this i have a small problem with wanting to
spend a lot of time with the person I love. Which in some
cases is a good thing but in others it is not. I guess what
i need to do is calm down and back off give her some room.
Let her live her life. But So everyone knows never hit a
oak table when you are mad it really hurts.

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