Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-01-19 21:40:15 (UTC)

No Face

The last few days have been kinda busy, but I didn't
really accomplish anything. I hate that. Oh well, I have
like 3 school projects to do this weekend, grrrrrr ... Its
not fair, not to mention the fact the Winter X Games are
like 2 hours away in Aspen, and I can't go. But I'm going
to see Travis in April!!!! Wow, ok, I'm happier now.
Friday: School sucked, of course. I spent my lunch in the
library at, its amazing how you can kill 50
minutes on the internet. It was either than or eat with a
possibly gay guy, or a really boring, Jamie, who
desperately needs to wash her hair (ewwww). Well,
whatever, I figure its bound to get better eventually. I
need to know who won the 250 class over all last year at
Mt. Morris last year. Humm, I have no idea. I read a
really good story, my friend had written last night. Its
amazing how bad my writing is compared to some people. I
know writing is not my gift, so its all good. Out of my 48
people on my buddy list, not a single person is on. I have
a few blocked, but not all 48. I'm bored, but I don't want
to do my homework, so ack... Maybe I'll watch last weeks
race, that may cheer me up...

I think I must be really different from everyone else.
Kendall and every other guy who flirts with me, weirds me
out. I don't know how to take it, 'cause I guess its a
foreign thing to me, to have guys actually think I'm
pretty. Its sad, you would think with all the cool
awesome, stuff I've done throughout my life, that my self
esteem would be a bit higher. But its not and I'm so going
to try and work on that... I read, these other girls'
diaries and don't have the same problems, I probably wont
ever go out get drunk, high, or have sex with who ever
asks. That's not me, I guess that's what makes me so
incredibly different from everyone I else. And the thing I
think that sucks the most, is the fact the people that I do
have stuff in common with are people I'm not like, if that
even makes sense. I'll probably marry some boring,
preacher, or with my luck a potato farmer in northern
Maine, I'll have to forget everything I love, and that'll
be my life. How bad would that suck?! Ouch, ok, well my
future is all nice and depressing.... I'll just keep
thinking, God has some awesome perfect guy out there for
me, that'll be able to relate to, but I really doubt it.

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