mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-01-19 21:36:09 (UTC)

why, oh why ?????

well, it looks like things are getting better for lisa & i,
that is good. Things her at work are totally FUBAR, it
started as soon as i got here. we get a lil snow 1/2
inch..and people all forget how to drive. we get report of
multi vehicle accident on hwy & rescue goon makes it out to
be big production & asks for more help, then canceles it
immediately,but in reality there are 2 accidents on hwy ,
rescue & engine handle 1 , batt. chief takes second solo,
screws up production totally. Partner makes me punch 2nd
incident, even though both accidents are same location,
creating more paperwork unnecessarily. also forgot to
mention that lisa now knows about diary, which i think is a
good thing, she can see how i am feeling.
- she sprang big one on me last night, she wants us to get
married NEXT MONTH ! I am kinda for it, specially cause i
think it will help her with court with her asshole, oops !
i mean
I think things can only get better for lisa & i, which is
really a good thing. it is still snowing here, got about 1-
1 1/2 inches now, and im sure accidents will continue to
come in as people are idiots when it snows.
workin with the Super Dispatcher (ARMS Asst. Chief!)
{woohoo!}btw- (a - assholes r - rejects m - morons s -
shitheads ) dosent make it any easier, as he thinks he
knows all and is far superior to anyone else here....
well, i guess that is all for now, just make sure entire
world knows that besides fact that i am bipolar, I LOVE YOU
LISA CLARK !!!!! i will write more later.... TTFN...