Visions Of Life
2002-01-19 21:20:26 (UTC)

My Last Words Before I Sleep

This Isnt Really A Poem.. Just Words And Emotion..

Why cant you see how I feel?
Am I that far away
So far gone from reality
That Ive created a barrier
Cant you look deep into my eyes
And see how much I love you
How I only want to look upon you
That you are the only one I care about?
Cant you tell when I touch you
Hold you
Kiss you
That I never want to lose you
Or even be apart long
Nothing has changed in almost 2 years
But yet you cant see that
Cant you see how much I want to be with you
Hold you tight and never let go
Softly kiss your neck
Run my nails through your hair
No one can make me laugh like you do
No one else can bring out good in me
No one else can make me feel alive
No one else can make me so angry
As well as horny
You make my life worth living

yeah.. enough of that.... goodnight...