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2001-04-17 18:52:00 (UTC)

Tuesday, April 17th 2001

Dear Diary,
This day has gone by soo quickly. Just like everyday.
I am begging my friend who owns this HUGE entertainment
website to put me back on the team. I sort of pissed him
off and we had this huge fight and he fired me. Oh well,
i'll just have to wait and see. Last nite I
watched "Weakest Link" because I am obsessed with game
shows and reality shows. It's like a mixture of survivor
and who wants to be a millionaire. There are like...10
players I think. And there is a time limit. The catch is
that all 10 players have to work together to build up a
chain of money. When each person gets their question
correctly, the chain builds up until it goes up to 125,000
dollars. And then a new chain starts. If a person gets a
question wrong, they lose the money and a whole new chain
starts. A person can say "bank" before their question and
their money is saved for the next round but a whole new
chain starts. It was a REALLY good show but you could tell
it was scripted. This is messed up, I have to do a packet
over this stupid vacation for spanish. He was like, "Since
we're unable to finish the textbook, i'm going to give you
a packet to do over the vacation to prepare you for your
assessment." And he said it was just vocabulary and when
you look at the packet there are like 20 questions also.
the good part about it is that if you do the whole thing,
you get a 100 and it counts as a quiz grade. so, that's
good. I bet a lot of people are going to do it because they
need the grade. hehe. *sighs* i'm so bored...I can't wait
till school's over in two months and summer comes. But this
my last year in my middle school and I'm not going to this
high school. I'm going to a catholic high school. Which,
I'm not sure allows gays but they don't know that. I can't keep it a
secret because someone up there knows and I guess I'll just have to
work at being straight. *sighs*, it'll be tough...but I'll try.
Well, i hafta go now. Bye!