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2002-01-19 19:47:15 (UTC)

I don't know what is going on

I am sitting here because I am angry. I am angry because I
can't handle the fact that i now live with an alcoholic.
She is Jodi's ex girlfriend and I don't know what to do.
She has kidney failure and she doesn't care. We have told
her what we thought and i know you can't just stop. But
there is way to get help. Like AA and councling for her
numerouse problems
She just had a horrible break up with her girlfriend that
was not a good relationship anyways. And she got fired
from her job the day after christmas, so does she have a
reason to drink. Yes but she hasn't even thought about
getting another job.
I have taken a week off of work due to being stressed out.
I don't know if I can take anymore. I got a cat so I could
have someone to talk to but it isn't enough. I am going
crazy i know it.
I moved here over a year ago and I still can't call it
home. I use to live with jodi before when she still lived
with Chrissy and i left because i couldn't live with
chrissy's anger. Now i am scared agian in my own house.
And nobody seems to care. I don't want to kick chrissy out
but I don't want her to be homeless with no where to go. I
was like that once and i don't want anyone else to be like
I don't want my house to smell like cat piss and well her
room is smelling up the whole house. She has three cats
and for some reason one of them isn't litter trained. They
are full grown cats. Chrissy blames it on her and Jodi
fighting but jodi says she never litter trained them.
WTF! Who am I suppose to belive.
I live jodi with all my heart and for some reason I want to
run. not from her but from my problems. Depression,
Abuse, few friends because i shut everyone out, Anxity, and
Anger that is eating me up inside

Well untill I am pissed agian

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