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2002-01-19 19:08:21 (UTC)

The Day After

Ok well we finally found a ride and we went to the house
the party was supposed to be @ but no one was there like @
9. Well then some girl called Kurk so we drove all the way
out to the landing to give this girl something then we
drove back over there to check again 9:30 no one was there
so we decided to drive to Webster to Richard's, we saw
cars, so we went to the door went in and there were jus a
bunch of little preppy girls and the guys they handed us a
beer. I walked around said my hello's to the people I knew
then Joe showed up so I hugged him and told him Happy B-
day. Then Joe and some people jus left we didn't know where
they went and we weren't really having fun so we left and
went to Travis', it was fun we smoked a lot and they were
being really funny the cops rolled by like twice though so
we decided to go inside. Then it was time for me to go home
but I really didn't want to go home so sit by myself so I
called my mom and asked if I could stay @ Shayla's she
asked wy and I told her the story about Joe's party and she
didn't believe me or something so she said no and it was
late and Jose had already dropped Blake @ home which is in
my neighborhood so I didn't want to make him get back out
to take me home and John was too fucked up to drive so I
jus decided to stay anyways, yea I feel bad and my mom's
gonna be pissed I haven't even talked to her yet and I want
to go to Raven's tonight I hope shes not too mad. Well
finally went to sleep I don't know wut time early in the
morning though I don't know how long they stayed up cus I
jus remember laughing @ Jose and John cus they were jus
screaming back in forth and John was in the living room and
Jose was in the same room as me I don't know how I fell
asleep w/ them screaming but I was soo tired. I woke up
like @ 8 in the morning and all I could think about was
damn I need to go home my mom is going to be so pissed but
everybody was still sleeping well I could hear Travis'
cleaning to I jus layed there then Jose woke up so I
decided to get up we went to chick fil a, it was busy and
all our food cost like 31.00 and we didn't have enough cus
Bryan didn't give us enough money for all the food he
wanted but somebody payed the rest then we got to Travis'
and they forgot me, Jose, and Tom's freakin breakfast
things so they had to go back up there and get it, we ate
finally, watched Looney Toons then got ready to go cus
Travis had to go to work so we all had to leave so Jose
took me home I came home took a shower, got ready, called
Danny to see if he ended up going to Richard's but I guess
he wasn't awake so I called Chaunte to see wut they ended
up doing lastnight. Now here I am I still need to blow dry
my hair and call Raven up to see wen she wants to come get
me. Later kids.

music: Michael Jackson- Butterflies