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2002-01-19 18:55:23 (UTC)

wht shud i do?

hey everyone,

i was in this long distance relationship which was making me
crazy coz i cudnt bear the fact of being away from the
person whom i love.v had planed to have a life together if v
just hold on for another 3-4 years. going thru this one year
itself was tough..i felt tortured being away from my
in our best interests i broke up the relationship coz future
is uncertain v never know wht it may hold.i mailed him
saying v r better off as friends and in case if v ever meet
in future and if sparks r still flying then v can resume our
relationship or mayb go even a step further.but he doesnt
seem to understand hes angry at me for leaving him..for
giving up so easily...he doesnt try to understand tht i did
it in the best interests.tht it was the only practical
solution.he deleted all my mails from his a/c..refuses to
talk to me..his hatred makes me feel bad. but i know i did
the rite thing.i feel sad too!


ps:- all coments r welcomed.