A life with My Lover
2001-04-17 16:14:26 (UTC)

Where to begin?

Ive wanted to start an diary for ages, and an online one
just seemed such a good idea. I want to share my thoughts
and life with strangers. You know - sometimes u get on a
bus or a train and some stranger starts talking to you. You
dont know them but you feel a kinship with them and you
spill your heart out to them. Thats how i imagine this to
be, so if you wanna be that stranger on the bus then feel
free to reply to my entries.

My life so far....... Im 22 from Scotland UK, im gay and im
about to move in with my boyf whom ive been dating for just
over one year. Im really in love with him. This diary is
going to record our life together. 14 days till we move in -
its a bit scary!!

Today my boyf is being offered a new job. Im really happy
for him - his career is progressing, but in the yaer we
have been together the only job i have been offered would
have meant we would have been 500 miles apart. It was a
good job, but i didnt take it as i didnt want to be apart
form him. Hes been in 2 new jobs since we started dating.
im finding it hard that hes progressing and im not. I know
its jealousy, but i cant help it. Im not envious, just
dissapointed in my career. Any hows, hes about to visit me
on his way home (soon he will be coming home to our flat -
cant wait!), so its time to put on that brave smile and
find out what sort of day he has had, and whats happening
concerning his new job.

Love ya and leave ya.