out of reach
2002-01-19 17:57:09 (UTC)

i'm pretty sure that few would notice

its snowing outside right now. i wish someone was home
that i could go snowboarding with. i might just go up by
myself but its gonna be really really crowded. or i might
just sit here.

i went with tara yesterday. actually i was up there before
taking pictures of the ski team and then i went and got
tara. i wish i had joined the ski team my freshmen year.
i mean come on. it would have been me and a bunch of cute
boys. what more could u ask for? haha. i've decided i'm
a big fan of the ski team though. they were fun to hang
out with.

i can't remember the last time allison and i hung out. i
doubt we'll hang out this weekend either. it makes me
really upset actually. but i'm sure there will come a day
when nick is in long island and then i'll get to hang out
with her. lucky me.

i think i'm gonna go and convince my parents to let me
drive up to the mountain now. who needs friends when
you've got snow?

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