i guess this is what u want to read..
2002-01-19 17:44:17 (UTC)

Thursday and friday

well on thursday i woke up on time bc i knew it was the 1st
day of finals..so i went to school on time. In Pd. A we
finished that gay movie. then we took our final it wasnt
that bad.. only 100 questions. i hope i did good because i
want a good grade for that class to prove to my dad that i
am a good student bc i dont he thinks i am. Then in pd. B
we took a final we had to watch a movie on some artist bc
the class was art. i didnt understand the things she said,
and i dont think we should have a final for art..i dont
even think we should have a grade for art. i mean how can
you grade someone else's work i mean like you could go to
one person and they could say it sucked and then you could
take it to someone else and they would say it was a master
piece. its bad i know..art should be like a free class that
you dont get graded in. OK after the art final it was like
10:30am and we got to go home if we had a ride..luckly i
did..i went home and went on the internet for like 4 hours.
hahahha...it was boring tho...bc no one was really talking
to me. and later that day i went downstairs and "chilled"
hahah that was boring. later that night i went back on the
internet..NO NO NO im not a computer geek...just very
skilled on cps hahahaha...and its better than just sitting
around doing nothing..RIGHT????...hahh then way later that
night i went to bed. haha

Friday i woke up early also, bc i knew today was gonna be
the last day for finals...i was sooo happy..i turned MTV bc
i had some extra time to waste..and EVERYDAY by DMB was
on...omg i love that music video...the guy..the hugs...how
cute!..that music vidoe made me give everyone a hug last
month...i gave 239 hugs...it was fun..i think im gonna keep
on counting my hugs until i die..hahha...id have a
lot..hahahah...but anyway after that very cool video i had
to go to gay school..so then i did...everyone had to their
Pd. C classes bc thats the final we started at...
(confusing?) well my pd. C final was interior desgin..omg
it was kinda hard..(bc i dont study for finals)..but i dont
care what i got on it really..im just going to miss the
class badly..hah..haha*...that class always made my day..bc
it always made me laugh...like a lot...but now thats
gone..haha...no more fun school..haha..well i dont know
whos in my new classes yet..but prolly not as fun as old
Pd. C...haha...ANYWAY...we took the final...then we left
for PD. D final...its the heft..haha..that man is
funny..well we got started right away...after about 30
mins..i was the 1st one done..it was a hard final..i
thought...there was some convertion problems on it that i
kinda forgot how to do..but i tried!..lol...well when that
class was over we had a chance to go home..and earier my
sister said there was a bus coming to pick people up at
10:30am...lemme tell you something..THERE WASNT!!!!!!...i
waited for like 20mins outside (there was a car accident
that one of my friends was in while i was waiting, that was
scary)..so then i went inside and met some other friends
that were stuck there also..we sat in the cafe for like an
hour and did nothing..they kept getting in trouble..it was
haha..then mr. heft came and got us..we went back to his
room to do things like grade finals for him...i graded
mine..I GOT A B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...haha i got like
the 4th highest grade in the class..i was soooo
happy...then at like 2pm tiff wanted to go see
mike..haha..we stayed there until 2:30 when the busses
came...then at 2:30 my bus came..I WAS THE ONLY HIGH
SCHOOLER ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so stupid..these
little kids were like asking me 2000 questions..like "why
did you miss your bus" and "whats your name" it was soooo
annoying..i wish i would have walked home..Grrr...ok i got
home at about 3....when i walked in the door i yelled at my
sister for telling me there were busses coming at
10:30..then after the yelling i called Holly to see if she
was ok..bc she was the one in the accident (the GREAT
friend that i am)..she was sleeping so i talked to her
mom..luckly she was ok..later that night i went to the
girls basketball game..hahah..right b4 i went to the game
amy told me to wait for her at the door..so i did...hahah
when she got out of her car she ran to me..haha i was
scared..hahah JK...i walked in with her..haha it was
funny..bc i never have been seen with her in a public place
so i didnt know how to react...hahahahha...after about like
10 mins of sitting with her and her friends i had to go
somewhere else...bc i dont think i fit in with her
friends..but dont get me wrong..most of them are cool..but
i dunno....so then i saw another person i was suppose to
wait for...(IM SOOOOOOOOO SORRY)...i had fun with her
also...we were talking about national make out
day!...haha...im gonna make t-shirts...hahah..then we went
out in the hall and walked around..poured water on the
floor and watched people walk on and say things about
it..haha then people kept kicking me in the
legs..haha...some of them hurt..then we went back into the
gym...it was like super hot in there..lol..haha...after the
game was over i went outside and waited...and then i
noticed i didnt have change to call my dad..i only had
dollar bills..so then i asked cody if i could catch a ride
with him only since he lives like 10 houses from me...so i
got a ride home with him..thank god....i didnt wanna stay
there any longer...haha...then i came home...went on the
net for like 40 mins..then i got a shower and went to
bed....welp thats it..sorry its long..haha...bye

CRUSH NEWS: ohhhhh i dont know...elco guys bore me..

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