The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-01-19 17:24:17 (UTC)

Do they really...

Have you ever wondered if your friends really like you or
if they just put up with you because you've been in their
lives for so long that they don't know how to tell you
they don't want you around anymore? I tend to worry about
stuff like this... I really want people to like me but I'm
not sure why they do or if they are lying to me and just
saying that they like me. I have a hard time trusting what
people tell me, but I of course, would never be able to
tell them that I don't because it might hurt their
feelings. That is one thing that my personality just does
not allow... I am incapable of telling people anything
that would hurt their feelings often at the expence of my
own feelings. My friends are really great and listen to what I say
but... do they really understand? Sometimes I wonder if they really

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