My Life
2002-01-19 17:22:48 (UTC)

Date went OK...

I met Brian(the Viking) at the mall about 25 minutes from
my house. We decided to meet at Barnes and Noble which is
near the theatre and some restaurants. So it's really cold
and I debated if i should wear my "Nanuck of the North"
coat or be cool in my leather jacket. I said that I didn't
care what I look like for no man but my vanity won out and
also I didn't want to lug around this huge coat when I was
inside. So I go into B&N and he isn't at the front so I
thought I was first, I start looking around, looking for
him through the door, and then he calls me, he had been
there, was looking around too. He looked really nice, he
still has the long hair and the beard, he really does look
like a Viking. And he had on black jeans, his boots and a
short black leather coat. He's just one of those guys that
you have to take a second look. And he's really tall and
big, he just has a presence. So we say hello, i almost gave
him a hug but he seemed nervous, so I didn't. We walked to
the theatre, through the mall a little and he bought
tickets for a 9:30 show. Asked me what I wanted to see,
which was nice. So then we walked back out through B&N and
went to the restaurant 2 doors down and he had looked at
the menu earlier and thought it was interesting. It was a
really nice place. Dark wood and art deco style, and he
asked for a booth and we were seated right away. But again,
he walked in front of me to the table and i'm just
following him and feeling odd. So this place was really
expensive and I hate that because I'm never sure what to
order. I want to order what I want but I don't want to
break him either. And the truth was I wasn't super hungry
so I ordered a $10 salad and a $6 dollar glass of wine. I
thoroughly enjoyed them both, he had scallops and it was a
great meal. We had a great time w/conversation during
dinner, it's nice when we are together. This place is known
for their martini's too and I love a good martini. We had
40 minutes before the movie so after dinner we moved to the
bar and ordered martinis. I had a cosmopolitan and and he
had a .007 (pretty standard martini, shaken not stirred!),
he had never had one. But that was almost $17!!!! Poor guy.
So we had to hurry with them and you can't really hurry a
martini so i know my cosmo went to my head a little and he
said the same. We walked back to the movies, saw Ocean's 11
which was OK. I liked it, but Julia picks odd movies. She's
so pretty but the parts never show much of her.
So we get out of the movies and it's snowing! So we hurry
to my car, he was parked farther away, get in and let it
warm up a bit. We just talked and he asked what I was doing
tomorrow, but never asked me to do anything. Then he
mentioned that he'd call but he wasn't sure when we could
see each other again. I was very casual and said, that's
fine. I thought he might kiss me, and he seemed nervous and
like he might, but he never did. So i drive to his car, i'm
waiting for him to start the car, he does and scrapes the
back window, has me roll down the window (maybe now he'll
kiss me goodbye?) says that maybe he'll ask me to come up
by his house sometimes to watch his friends band play, i
said that would be fun. And that was it. And I was curious
if he'd do the rude thing again and he did, like not
leading me to the dinner table, and he orders his food
first, not making sure I get out the door OK, and when we
left the movies, going out in the snow, I stopped to zip my
jacket and he didn't even know because he was walking ahead
of me and not interested in getting the door for me, by the
time I was ready to head outside, he was already out in the
snow and turns around and is like, Oh, there you are and
comes back for me. And I don't think he intends to be rude,
he just is. I did notice, he really curbed his cussing, did
it once and apologized and didn't do it again.
I think he's afraid of me.....I think he's interested but i
thought he'd be more affectionate or something. Oh well.
And then I was woke up by the phone and it was Terry. He
called me twice last night, not sure what time but I didn't
call him back so he knows it was late. He says, wow, you
must have been out late last night. I was half asleep and
trying to watch what I said, but he kept making comments
about how late it was, must have been up late, etc. But he
wouldn't just come out and say, "So what were you doing
last night?" or "Who were you with?" And I didnt' offer any
info either so I'm sure he knows. We talked for a while and
then we hung up.
And I had a couple emails from Chris, and he did call and
leave a message last night. He has his daughter this
weekend so I may not hear from him, which is fine. She
should be his first priority.
I have a ton of things to do today, must get off the