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2002-01-19 16:47:04 (UTC)


Well, I went to our game last nite. I saw this boy named
Daryll from Carver. He looks like my baby, Kellen! Okay,
Brian came to the game last nite too. I didn't sit with him
that long though. Me being the female that I am....you know
me!! Well, after the game when Daryll walked by, I started
walking behind him. I got in front of him and when he was
going outside, I held the door for him and he just walked
by. Well, good fortune was on my side because his MOTHER
was behind him and she asked me if I went to Baldwin and I
told her that I did. I told her that I remembered him from
last year, and she asked if he saw me and I told her that I
don't think he noticed me when he walked by. Well, she
called him back and we started talking. He said he
remembers me. :) I gave him my number and my email
address. I just thought that turned out real nice with how
his mother noticed me looking at him. Yea!!!! But anyway,
like I said before....Brian came to the game. After the
game, we went to Georgetown, where they had someone's
apartment for the nite. We rented a movie and got pizza. It
was okay. I stayed over there till about 1:15. Brian is a
cry baby! That was a big turn-off............

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