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2002-01-19 16:02:48 (UTC)


Ok, yesterday was a "tres-cool" day. I went to the
orthodontist(supposed to get braces off in a like a month)
and he says, oh shanen guess what? we can take ur braces
off today if ure up for it. and i am like falling over
jumping up and down with joy. so here i am.....braceless=).
Then we went shopping at Kohls and I got a really nice
light and dark blue sweater. and i also got this ADORABLE
skirt that would go great with a black wide strap stretchy
tank top and my black strappy sandals, haha im gettin all
in2 the fashion. umm....then me taryn n mom went out for a
late lunch/early dinner at the regent which was pretty
cool. then i got home and got changed and got dropped off
at marisa's. marisa was sooo totally surprised wen she saw
me smile and shes like YOU GOT THEM OFF??!???! and we like
tackled eachother hugging. cuz she got them off like last
week. so then i helped her clean her room and she tried on
her black gown for me and its really really nice. then we
WALKED over to corey and robs house, which is prolly like a
mile, in the cold in the dark. so we get there.....and it
was corey rob andrew kristen kelly steve jerry and justin.
and their older brother matt and his friend joe were there.
so it was pretty funny. eventually it was just me corey rob
n marisa watching that DOUBLE TEAMED disney movie....n
andrew was somewhere in the house. rob kept changing the
channel tho so i had to attack him over and over again for
each and every remote controller he got his hands on.
eventually my mom came and picked up me n thats
about it and i think im gonna go find some food now. taryns
bball game is at 3:30.