Inside my mind
2002-01-19 02:07:59 (UTC)

Finally I get to take my test.

It's about time that I get to take my permit test tomorrow
morning. The only part that sux is that I haven't studied
for it in like 2 weeks. And that when I'm done we have to
go meet my g-ma @ Lowes. It wouldn't be so bad if my ex-
boyfriend,the one that I was and sorta still am madly in
love with, worked there. So I'm kinda ancey on if he'll be
working when we go there, just b/c he still likes me too.
But I have feelings for someone else who's a hell of a lot
better. But I have no clue what's gonna happen, b/c
whenever we're apart I try to hate him for everything he
put me through when we broke up, but I just can't hate him
when I see him. It's like he has total and complete control
over me n my body. It's odd, and I know that if I keep
getting closer to this other guy then it will be the exact
same thing. He'll have total control over my mind n body.
Well, not total but some. I dunno what I'm trying to say.
Maybe I need to talk to Josh or summin'. I'm gonna go b/4 I
get even more confused. I'll sort it all out tomorrow
morning b/4 I leave and when I talk to Josh next. Later yal.