Don Juan

2002-01-19 01:39:07 (UTC)

well well well

well, I have a feeling my life is going to be boring for a
while. I can't go anywhere at night until I get my own
vehicle because my parents don't trust me any farther than
they can throw me with their vehicles. Although, if my dad
wants a candy bar tomorrow night... guess who gets to go
get it? Yup, you guessed it: ME!! I hate that they won't
let me do what I want, but I have to do what they want me
to do when the risk of me wrecking doing their business is
as good if I'm doing mine. I don't understand that. I've
always considered them unreasonable... but they've never
been stupid in my opinon. But now.... OHHHH, they're just
plain dumb now. What can I expect? They're parents, oh