interesting me
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2002-01-19 00:26:34 (UTC)

i know i havent wrote in awhile......


I dont remember if I told you or not, but Andrew and I
broke up so that I can go into the NAVY.

Tuesday I went down to Troy and took my ASVAB test and
scored a 59 percentile which is amazing for me:)

Wednesday I went to MEPS to take my physical and everything
went great. I got accepted into the NAVY and sworn in.

I leave for boot camp in March :)

I talked to Andrew last night and the both of us want to
hook back up. I told him that after boot camp and "a
class" which is gonna take place in Mississippi, Im gonna
try to get stationed in Cali, and I would get a place off
base if he would come and live with me. Hes thinking about
it and Im thinking about it. I miss him so much and I do
want to be with him. Damn I love Andrew.

Also I have been talking to another guy that I like and
that likes me... Its kinda scary cuz I dont know who to be
with. I love Andrew and I could see things working with
Chris and I. *shrugs* I will figure things out sometime
before I leave, and it depends on everything that happens
between now and then.

WEll note back with some advice, I could really use it on
what to do on my guy situation.

THanks and I will write sometime soon:).