2001-04-17 14:16:15 (UTC)

well hello all .. it s monday..

well hello all .. it's monday .. ugh .. they are the worst
for me.. especially after the easter break with the kids,
etc.. hard to snap back into the real world..

i mentioned before my daughter wants to join Curves with me
and she told me last night she feels bad about her body
image.. my daughter is by no means fat.. however, she does
have the build and potential for future weightgain.. and i
guess alot of the other little gals in school are so small
boned.. well i have told her if she is willing to go for
walks through may and show me she can be committed i will
probably allow her to join .. it does after all cost
money .. which she will also be paying for half her
innitiation fee.. she is 11 but really wants this and i
think it's good for her to put in some of her own because
this is something she really wants.. so i will cover half
the innitiation fee and of course i will pay the monthly
fee which is 15$ for a family addon .. the monthly is
pretty decent.. 79. is innitiation .. well it is a life
change.. and it would probably improve her attitude as well.

anyway .. i just got back from working out and YES it was
hard... the other ladies make is seem so easy and the
smiles on their faces sometimes like they're Really having
fun .. i have to wonder if they even struggle cuz they sure
don't look like it.. and sometimes it makes me think..
what's wrong with ME ? that i don't want to be here? but
maybe behind those happy faces they know and feel the
personal struggle as well.. after all .. i am sharing mine
online without a face ... only words.. maybe they think the
same of me at times.. though i confess.. hee i don't always
smile.. lol well i hope in time i have more to smile
about !!!!!!! well thank you for all my feed back and
encouragement... and leigh ! i bought my Lemon !!!!!!!