My PoiNT oF vIEW
2001-04-17 13:55:38 (UTC)

MoVieS TodAy..!

YAy! It iS NiNe FouRty FiVE RiTE noW And It AbouT ThrEe
HourS And FifTeeN MinUTes, I AM Off To gO TO dA MovIE

oH AnD At The MovIEs, KEvinS goNna Tell mE HIs PAssWerD...
He TolD mE beFORe, But AfTEr He TOlD me, He ChanGEd

I CanT WAIt To sEe jOSiE anD The PussYcaTs....All oF mAh
FriEnds Are GoNNA hAtE mE foR wATcHINg It WIth KeVIN aND
noT Me...eSpeCiaLLY aRIaNNa anD maYBe cHRIStIe CUz tHEY
lIKe kEVin anD eVerYthINg....bUt, tHAts OKay...i
GUesS...eVeN tOUgH tHERe MaH BEstest fRIenDS...i'm goNNa

i CaNT waIt TO sEE sPy KIDs tOOO...thIs GUrL I no (bUt I
neveR TalK to Her ExcEPt fOR CHatTinG) fRuM sKeWL
(aCtuALLY, wE aRE IN tWo DIfFERenT cLIqUEs anD wE're
sUpPOSe tO HatE eaCH otHER..haha) TOld Me THaT Spy KIDs Is
reaLLy GOod...sHE sAW it THe FIrst Day IT CaMe Out....i WUz
GONna usE THAt As wEaPon wHEN i GOt bACk to skeWl, bUT shE
cAn TeLL EVerYONe THaT i SaW It TOo....pRObAblY oNe THirD
oF tHE sIxTH GRaDE alREaDY saW it...HaHa...

ImA pLay TeTriS On kIWiBox NOw....
So, I'll WRite BeFore I GO to The mOvieS And thEn After I
comE bAck....OkiE doKIe?