ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-01-18 23:14:05 (UTC)

Mortons List Muh-Facko!!!

hahaha yeah im sure your wondering about the title but i
had to plug the game becuz ..come on its a phat fuckin
game!!! go buy it!!!whether you a juggalo or not just get
uit..you wont be dissapointed!!if you wanna learn more go
to www.MortonsList.com and hey if ya order sumthin hook a
ninette up and in the "referred by" area put ZIH60.thanx
now on with my life......thingz have been gravy so
far.Steve and I spent all last weekend together.then i had
to go through more semester exams this week but the last
one was wednesday.well i did pretty bad on my two chem
tests...both D's and now imma have a C on my report card
which is killer cuz ive never gotten less than a B in my
whole life.i HATE chemistry.well steve has been visiting me
all week like after skool and shit.well the other night i
was supposed to have ryan call me to hook me up wih a
quarter..well he tried calling but my sis was on the phone
so i didnt get it..i was highly pist.well then the next day
my two ninjaz adam and shane came over to get me fried.so
we all chilled then they left.steve came over and i was
like man get me a quarter.so we went to hyndman and all i
could find was a 20 so we went for a ride and we took
small.it was kewl gettin to talk to him..i never see him
anymore.then me and steve went to the cresaptown ballfields
later and toked up..then we broke in his front
seat...*wink* *wink*.hehe then i had to go home.yesterday
timmy gave me a ride home and i got him high then adam and
shane stopped by and i got high with them.steve stopped by
after work and chilled with me .I had the worst headache so
when he left i got a hot bath and went to bed.well i made
it through today...skool wasnt so bad.we have monday and
tuesday off and its supposed to sno hardcore tonight.steve
lost his insurance on his car till wednesday so he cant
drive his car..which sucks.he called me a bit ago and he
was with his sister...there stopping by soon to say hey
then they are going shopping.then hes gonna come back over
and we will prolly go to manda and chris's.hopefully i get
snowed in so i can stay the night and get fucked up.this
weekend should be kewl cuz steve is off.he has to start
work at Biospherics monday morning tho...that sucks ..but
i'll be working there soon.hellz yeah i gotta makes the
chedda sumhow.well i gotta go put up sum posters in my room
and make sum ML flyers to pass out.


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