a freak with a heart
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2002-01-18 21:48:24 (UTC)

True Friends

Dear Diary,

the 16 was a day from hell for me...i looked completely
dead and pale as a gost...i spent most of the day at school
crying. i didn't talk to anyone or say anything all day.
and then the next day i just didn't go to school. so by
this time all my friends are scared to death over me...so
when i went ot school today i was greeted by all my friends
in the school, i had more hugs today then i have ever had,
during 2nd period i spent the whole time talking to my 2
friends and they told me that i seriously looked dead 2
days ago and when i didn't come to school the next day they
seriously thought something really bad happened to me. i
felt so blessed that i have so many friends who care so
much about me...this gives me hope. i now know that i am
not alone i have so many ppl out there who care about me,
thats some thing so specail and not everyone can say that
they have such good friends like i do. i just wanted to say
that i love everyone of you and thank you for getting me
through this really hard time in my life, i will never
forget how much you all have helped me, and now when i get
really bad in my depression i now have a lot for fight back
fr and i know that when i feel like giving up i will have
so many ppl behind me pushing me to get better.... again
thank you so much you guys, i love you


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